Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Bead Filters

FilterMediaPart Number
Ultima II 1,000Comes in box with filterA50079, A50073
Ultima II 2,000Comes in box with filterA50017, A50019
Ultima II 4,000(2) 12lb BoxesA50003, A50004
Ultima II 6,000(3) 12lb BoxesA50007
Ultima II 10,000(4) 12lb BoxesA50011
Ultima II 20,000(7) 12lb BoxesA50119
Ultima II 30,000 2”(8) 12lb BoxesA50300
Ultima II 30,000 3”(3) 20lb BoxesA50301
Ultima II 60,000 3”(5) 20lb BoxesA50600
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The Ultima series filters are designed for high flow rates, extreme fish loads, easy maintenance and combines both biological and mechanical filtration in one compact filter.

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4000 1-1/2" Valve, 4000 2" Valve, 6000 2" Valve, 10,000 2" Valve, 2000 2" Valve, 2000 1-1/2" Valve, 1000 1-1/2" Valve, 1000 2" Valve, 20,000 2" Valve


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Country of Origin: Made in USA