PondMAX Floating Pond Thermometer

Floating Pond Thermometer with tether


Range:  30F – 120F

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This floating thermometer gives you the knowledge you need of the water temperatures in your pond.  Water temperature is important to keep track of all year long.  In spring you will want to know when the water starts to warm up so you can begin feeding your fish.  You can start feeding the spring and fall diet once the water reaches 48°F / 9°C.  It is also important to know when you should start using water treatments, check each treatment instructions for details.  Then once the pond water reaches 60°F / 16°C in the summer you can begin feeding the staple and color diets.  As the pond begins to cool down in fall you will then revert back to the spring and fall diet.  Finally you will stop feeding when the water drops below 48°F.

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Warranty: 1 Year
Country of Origin: Made in China

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