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Who is Castle Aquatics:

What you find at Castle Aquatics is a place to connect.  We are connecting the world of water garden experts and enthusiasts.  With our homeowners submitting their stories and local professionals telling us how they do it, to local supply stores stocking the goods, we are connecting you with all the resources you need.     Whether you shop at one of our local stores or work with one of the professionals who provide the onsite services, you will find real people with a real understanding of household life today.   We are all here to provide expert knowledge and share the skills to make your dreams come true.

Each one of us understand the peace and serenity that a pond or water feature is providing the many families we serve. The pleasant distraction of water brings joy to all of your senses – right in the comfort and safety of your own abode.   With each interaction that you make on our website we are striving to inspire the same enjoyable experience as you get from your water feature.

  • Connect with pond, fountain, koi fish and waterfall experts
  • Get more great ideas on how to enjoy your watergarden in today’s lifestyle
  • Find the products you need to be a successful fish or water feature owner.

1. Our Mission

Provide everyone in North America the opportunity to experience the tranquility of water.

2. Our Objectives

  • Connect a network of trusted experts to make water gardening a reality for every home owner.
  • Inspire consumers in North America to experience the tranquility of water in their environment.
  • Develop unique products and systems which make water gardening easy.

3. Our People

Our people are everywhere.  Most of all they are your neighbors.  Our network of experts, each with their own small businesses, are ready to serve you.  Shop local, Buy Local and Enjoy the comradeship of your neighborhood store or professional.

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Our goal is to provide the most enjoyable customer experience everyday

Each day you get home from work or step out on the weekend.  Is your outdoor space as relaxing as you wished?  Stress no longer connect with us to learn how you can make the surrounds of your environment come alive with the natural senses of water.

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Buy local is our moto! Even if you buy on our website you will be ordering from a local store. This gives you the quickest and most valuable support you will ever find in our industry.

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Through modern technology we are able to connect your expert that much simpler. Browse the site locate a local, connect and make a request.

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