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Pond Supplies In CotatiPond & Garden is the ultimate stop for everything pond in the Cotati and the greater Santa Rosa area. We offer a diverse selection of Castle Aquatics and PondMax products to help you enjoy a picturesque pond. Whether you’re building a pond from the ground up or maintaining a long-loved water garden, we’ve got everything you could need, including: Pond Liners, Pond Filters, Pond Pumps, Skimmers, Fish Supplies, Pond Accessories, Water Features, and more!We’re also veritable plant experts with years of experience in exotic bonsai and aquatic plants. Visit our shop in Cotati, and we can help you create a game plan for your backyard oasis, from the initial design and construction phase all the way through to maintaining and enjoying your own slice of backyard paradise for years to come.If you’re ready to enjoy your own backyard pond and add value and beauty to your property, come on out to our pond shop in Cotati! We can’t wait to help you.

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Our Projects

Refurbished Fish Farm Pond

The new residents of this old fish farm have done an amazing job at bringing this old fish farm in Santa Rosa, CA […]

Bed and Breakfast Getaway

This future bed and breakfast location is a real getaway in Santa Rosa.  Surrounded by vineyards and maintained with perfection you can see […]

Koi Pond Transformation

This koi pond has been set up for years the sisters’ backyard, but without proper maintenance and care.  The algae bloomed and debris […]

Koi Pond Welcome Entrance

This apartment complex in Santa Rosa is home to many and has newly renovated their pond for tenants, visitors, and guests. The pond […]


Our Stories

How A Pond Can Add Value To Your Property

Based on ponds’ effect on property values, it’s clear most people enjoy the sight of water — and they’re willing to pay extra to get it. For homeowners whose property size or location isn’t quite suitable for a full-scale pond, adding even a small water feature, such as a waterfall or fountain, to your front yard can....

How to Backwash a PondMAX Filter

With PondMAX professional filter systems you will find weekly maintenance a breeze! The Spin to Clean backwash is the easiest backwash system on the market today. Watch this video to learn how it works in more detail.