How To: Get Rid of Mosquitoes the Natural Way for Your Pond

Any pond owner will be intimately aware of how they can attract a host of critters. One of the less welcome insects that flood tons of people’s ponds are the blood-sucking mosquitoes. In the spring and summer time, these pesky creatures love to loom their heads around ponds and use them as a breeding ground.

For anyone who doesn’t fancy a blood clearage when they visit the pond, mosquitoes will be a big issue – not only for their nuisance to people – but for their effects on ponds, too: Mosquitoes are known to devastate water quality and build up waste in your pond over the summer seasons.

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With that being said, before heading for the toxic pest control spray you have hiding around, there are some natural precautions you can take to get rid of mosquitos from your pond. From better water flow to fish with a mosquito-death-wish, here are some ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your pond naturally.

Maximize Water Flow

If there are plenty of mosquitoes swarming your ponds, it might be time for an upgrade. Consider investing in pumps, waterfalls, and fountains for your pond if it’s a slow-moving body of water. Mosquitos choose slow-flowing water as their breeding grounds because it makes for a great spot to lay eggs. By adding features to your pond that act to increase its water flow, you can deter mosquitoes from laying eggs and sticking around.

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Check Your Water Quality

Mosquito larvae thrive on poor-quality water. Even healthy-looking water may have excess nutrients or a substance imbalance which is drawing the pesky creatures to your pond. It’s always good practice to test your water at least twice a year so that you can combat any water quality problems as they arise and make your pond a mosquito-free zone.

Check Your Pond Equipment

If you’re guilty of leaving your pumps and filters a little too long without a clean, they could be a major contributing cause to mosquitoes in your ponds. A clogged filter will decrease your water quality and flow, making it a ripe place for mosquitoes to call home! So be sure to give your pumps a good clean so you can wave goodbye to those nasty critters.

Invest in Some Killer Fish

For your last course of action, you could buy some mosquito-eating fish that will make light work of your blood-sucking stress-inducers. Fish like guppies, rosy reds, minnows, and the aptly named ‘mosquito fish’ love to chow down on mosquito larvae and will do wonders in combatting a mosquito outbreak.

The best part is that they breed rapidly, so any new larvae that get planted in your pond will be munched up in minutes. They’re also compatible with koi and goldfish, so you won’t have to worry about your existing fish making a meal out of them! They’ll even reduce in quantity when there isn’t any mosquito, meaning you don’t have to worry about them being invasive.

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