PondMAX EV Series Pump Parts

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The EV Pump parts are used to keep your PondMAX pumps running smoothly even years after the warranty period.

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1" Female Coupling, 1-1/2" Female Coupling, Impeller EV700, EV700-1200 Volute, EV700-1200 Std. Screen, EV700-1200 Fitting Set, EV700-1200 Foot Plate, EV700-1200 Lrg. Screen, Impeller EV900, Impeller EV1200, Impeller EV1800, EV1800 Volute, EV1800 Front Screen, EV1800-3600 Fittings, EV1800 Foot Plate, Impeller EV2400, EV2400-3600 Volute, EV2400 Front Screen, EV2400-3600 Foot Plate, Impeller EV3000, Impeller EV3600


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Country of Origin: Made In China