PondMAX Pond Vacuums

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PondMax offers two vacuums for all pond and fountain cleanup projects. The PV450L is an electric pond vacuum design to provide high suction and a large capacity waste tank. When in auto mode the PV450L will suck until the tank is full and then automatically go into standby while it drains the waste tank for 30 seconds. Then it returns to suction mode and makes cleaning out the debris in the bottom of your pond or fountain a breeze. If you want to reduce the frequency of draining your pond to clean it buy a PV450L. The ProSucker from PondMax makes it very easy to clear out the light muck that build up in a smooth bottom water feature. The ProSucker uses the pressure from your garden hose to create a vacumm and pull out the waste.

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PV450L, Pro Sucker


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Warranty: 1 Year
Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan

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