Teton Aeration Kits: A must-have year round!

The Teton Air Pump Kits come in 6 different models and are known for their unique technology and design to infuse oxygen into ponds and maintain circulation to help fish and plants survive.

These Air Pump Kits are great for use in Ponds and Aquaculture as they are energy efficient meaning they are engineered to be cost effective and run 24/7 on minimal power; they offer quiet operation so you water garden can reach its maximum level of tranquility; and they help with ice prevention on cold days and nights.

∙ Item #XA20K, Flow Rate 20 LPM, Pond Size 2,500 Gal.

∙ Item #XA40K, Flow Rate 40 LPM, Pond Size 5,000 Gal.

∙ Item #XA60K, Flow Rate 60 LPM, Pond Size 7,500 Gal.

∙ Item #XA80K, Flow Rate 80 LPM, Pond Size 10,000 Gal.

∙ Item #XA120K, Flow Rate 120 LPM, Pond Size 15,000 Gal.

∙ Item #XA160K, Flow Rate 160 LPM, Pond Size 20,000 Gal.

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