How to Troubleshoot Your Pond Pump Issues

Your backyard water feature is beautiful, serene, perfect—and cloudy because the pond pump doesn’t live up to its namesake. Or maybe it’s straight-up not working at all. You need to figure out how to fix it quickly before the stagnant waters become a new home for algae.

There are a few measures you can take to troubleshoot your water pond pump’s issues, from the ultimately simple (have you tried turning it off and back on again?) to the more complex.

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First, a Safety Lesson

Before we go any further, our lawyers reminded us to remind you that before doing any maintenance on your pond pump, it’s mandatory to unplug it. Water and electricity mix poorly, so be safe out there.

Issue: The pump is Humming, But Very Little Water Comes Out

Try Clearing the Impeller

An impeller is a part of the pond pump that draws the water in by spinning. The problem is that if it can’t spin, it doesn’t draw in water and can’t pump. Also, if it’s got debris stuck in it, it can’t spin. Pulling the water pump out and clearing debris is a good step to see if that’s what’s limiting the water flow. While you’ve got the pump out, lay it on its side outside the pool and plug it in to see if the impeller spins.

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Try Releasing Air from the Impeller

If air gets into the impeller chamber, it can cause the impeller to seize or become air-locked. Tilting the pump while it’s still inside the pond so that air can escape, or reinstalling the pump entirely, should let the impeller get reflooded with water and start again.

Try Clearing the Plumbing

Another thing that will keep the proper amount of water from flowing through the pump is clogged plumbing, using the same principles as a clogged impeller. Disconnecting the pond pump from the pipes so they drain and can be cleared should give you more power back.

Issue: The Pump is Not Running

Try Checking All the Electrical Connections

The first thing to check- is if it is plugged in and is there power running to that outlet? Is there a tripped breaker, blown fuse, or frayed wire? This is the most common problem.

Issue: Pump Works Sometimes

Try Making Sure There’s Enough Water

Pond submersible pumps need to be submersed to work properly. If the water falls below a certain level, they’ll automatically shut off and turn on again when there’s enough water over the line. Ensure the water level is high enough to keep the pump underwater.

Try Double Checking that the Pond is the Right Size

Water fountain pumps and pond pumps are designed for a certain volume of water to go through. If the pond size is too small to provide the right amount of water for the stream, the pump won’t work. Double-check that the specifications for your pond and pump match.

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Pump Up the Jam

Get your pump working again, so you can enjoy the gentle trickle of water, the peaceful nature of your backyard water feature, and clear water with no bad algae smell. Troubleshooting your water fountain pumps will allow you to enjoy your garden waterfall without buying a new pump.

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