My Pump’s Vacation

So, you’re on vacation and you forgot to turn the fountain off at home. The grandkids are at college, your son is at a business conference…. and normally the fountain needs water every week! Sound familiar? It’s happened to the best of us. As soon as we get home we are anxious to get out and check on the pump. We might get lucky and hear the grr, grr of the pump just trying desperately to pump the 1 inch of water left in the basin. Most of the time, as luck has it, we hear nothing!

So why doesn’t someone design a pump to survive in these conditions? It can’t be that hard. I mean don’t factories realize how much effort it is to dismantle a large fountain and replace the pump? Heck, I have to get my fountain guy to come and replace for me every time and that cost almost as much as going on vacation.

Well finally I found the answer. PondMAX, a company well known for quality pond products has it. I bought a EV700 EVO II pump and had it installed last year. At Thanksgiving we were away and the pump ran low on water….. an of course I flipped a lid when I got home and found the pump completely silent. As the pump was so new, I called the manufacturer and started going off on them trying to get a warranty replacement. After a few minutes the guy on the other end was able to explain to me that the pump had simply shut down to protect itself. With that I begrudgingly went and refilled the fountain with water and restarted the pump. This was done by just unplugging it for a few seconds. So no more expensive pump replacements for me, thanks to PondMAX!


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