Preparing Your Pond for Cooler Weather, Part 1

As a pond owner, pond maintenance is just as important as the garden, especially during the warm summer months. This is the time when the benefits of a pond or fountain are enjoyed the most. Many water garden and pond owners have the misunderstanding that once the temperatures drop, pond care is no longer necessary. The truth is, to maintain a beautiful and enjoyable pond, maintenance and care is required throughout the year. This can be even more important during the fall/autumn time for those pond and fish owners who reside in cooler climates.It is essential to maintain the health of your pond, especially during the winter. However, pond maintenance during the fall/winter season must be done properly. To help ensure that owners care for their ponds the correct way we have put together this series of articles to help guide your preparedness.As the first signs of cool weather arrive and the leaves start to turn it is time to prepare your pond for fall.  If you have the potential of falling leaves in to the pond you will want to make sure you are set up to remove any floating leaves from the pond before they sink to the bottom.   There are a few different ways this can be done and naturally some are easier than others.  When fall arrives in your area make sure you are ready with a cover neta skimming net, and cool weather food!


A permanent skimmer makes fall leaf removal a breeze!
To install an in-wall skimmer you dig an area next to the pond where the skimmer will sit and then attach it to the liner.  Then place your circulation pump inside the skimmer to draw the surface water and debris through the skimmer.  This allows the skimmer to capture the debris in a basket that can be easily removed and emptied.In-pond skimmers are very simple and offer leaf removal for any small pond.  The in-pond skimmer is installed with a suction tube that is attached to your pump via a threaded suction port on the pump.  Then the skimmer is simply lowered into the pond and weighted down with stone for stabilization.


Add a cover net over your pond to stop the leafs landing on the surface!
Pond cover nets are a simple way to keep fall leaves and debris from entering your pond. Using a pond cover net will catch most debris before it lands on the pond.  Then all you have to do is remove the leaves periodically to keep it clean.  To install a cover net it is as simple as stretching the net over the pond and pinning it down with a few tent pegs.


Using a hand skimmer is a simple way to catch leaves before they sink!
Hand skimmers offer a very simple way to remove debris from your pond.  Available in many different shapes and sizes you can find the one that best fits your need.  Some skimming nets offer extendable handles for extra reach on large ponds.  Skimming nets are made with very fine netting to ensure the most effective removal of debris floating in the water of your pond.These hand skimmers can be used in the warmer season to remove string algae as well!

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