PondMAX PF1200-3600 Filter Parts



The PF1200, PF2400 and PF3600 filters have many parts that can be replaced.  The parts are original parts that will keep your filter running for many years to come.

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Quartz Sleeve PF3600UV, Gaskets PF1200-PF3600, 3 Pk., Ball Valve PF1200-PF3600, Quartz Sleeve PF750UV, Clear Adapter PF750-PF3600, Dummy PF750-PF3600, Bottom Plate PF1200, Bottom Plate PF2400-PF3600, Quartz Sleeve PF1200UV, 1-1/2" PVC Adt. PF1200-3600, O-ring Kit PF1200-3600, Hosetail Kit 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1", UV Lamp, 13 W, UV Lamp, 18 W, Quartz Sleeve PF2400UV, UV Transformer, 13W, UV Transformer, 18W, Valve Assembly, Plastic Lid Clamp, Lid Only PF1200-3600, Pad Kit PF1200, Pad Kit PF2400, Pad Kit PF3600, Crank Handle PF750-3600, Lid Assembly PF1200, Lid Assembly PF2400, Lid Assembly PF3600, Tank PF1200, Tank PF2400, Tank PF3600, Transformer, 24 W, 24 W Lamp, Bottom Plate 2019


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Country of Origin: Made In China