PondMAX PF4800/7200 Filter Parts

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The PF4800 and PF7200 has many parts that can be replaced the parts are original parts the will keep your filter running for many years to come.

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36 W Lamp, 55 W Lamp, Transformer, 36 W, Transformer, 55 W, Quartz Sleeve PF4800UV, Quartz Sleeve PF7200UV, Tank PF4800, Tank PF7200, Pad Kit PF4800, Pad Kit PF7200, Lid Clamp PF4800/7200, Lid Only PF4800-PF7200, Lid Assembly PF4800, Lid Assembly PF7200, Valve PF4800-PF7200, Fittings PF4800/7200, O-ring Kit PF4800/7200, Dummy PF4800-PF7200, Ball Valve PF4800-PF7200, Gaskets PF4800-PF7200, 3 Pk., 2" PVC Adapter PF4800-7200, Crank Handle PF4800/PF7200, Bottom Plate PF4800-PF7200


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Country of Origin: Made In China