Preparing Your Pond for Cooler Weather, Part 3

When preparing for the cold weather, pond maintenance and koi care are equally important so that your fish will last through the colder months.

Koi and pond fish are cold-blooded animals, which means their bodies respond to how warm or cold they are according to their surroundings. Cold weather could cause loss in appetite and digestion problems.

When water temperature reaches lower at 60°F, it’s best to change their diet to a wheat germ base that has low protein, making it easier for your fish to digest. When water temperature drops to 55°F, the metabolism of your fish will begin to slow down and you should reduce the amount you feed them.

Benefits of Cold Weather Fish Food

  • Highly Digestible

The cold weather weakens their digestive systems, and having easy to digest foods will help them be able to consume the appropriate amounts.

  • Low In Protein

Proteins are harder to digest than other nutrients, and during this time of year your Koi and Goldfish need low protein diets to help the digestion process.

  • Vegetable Based

Low protein and wheatgerm foods are most ideal for feeding in cooler temperatures, and help keep the ammonia to a minimum.

Consider these Cold Weather/Wheat Germ Fish Food for fall and contact your local store to check availability.

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